WARNING: Invasive Weed (Giant Hogsweed)

Another weed that has become a pest is Giant Hogsweed, which grows along streams and rivers in fields, forests and roadsides. This noxious weed prefers open sites with abundant light and moist soil. Giant Hogsweed produces a sap in combination with moisture and sunlight that can cause severe skin and eye irritation, blistering and permanent scarring. Make sure to watch carefully for this weed when going on hikes or family adventures. The contact of skin to sap happens when bristles of the stem brush onto the skin. The sap is in the stalks of this weed, than on the leaves.

If you notice this weed, make sure to wear clothing that protects all of your skin as well as protective eyewear upon removal. To help prevent further spreading of this weed, bring the plant to a waste facility and treat it as trash than plant material. Make sure to wash your skin multiple times!!!