How to get rid of Wild Parsnip without pulling it by hand

Someone asked us how to remove this weed without pulling it by hand and so I have looked into this and have found many weed killers that could help reduce Wild Parsnip from spreading.

Note: If using any herbicides or chemicals, be careful to not have the chemicals run off to a drain or water source.

For a chemical control of Wild Parsnip, Glyphosate can be used as a herbicide and an effective weed killer. It can be used for spraying individual plants or small areas, which is effective. Glyphosate can damage and remove all other plants, so be extremely careful where you spray this herbicide. Glyphosate can also be slightly toxic to amphibians, fish and frogs. If you have plants by Wild Parsnip, cover them with polythene or cardboard boxes to protect them.

Another option is using a homemade weed killer. One option is to use vinegar because the acid in it kills the leaves, unfortunately it does not kill the roots.

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