Using Bio-Stimulants When Planting

Bio-stimulation is the spontaneous plant response, whereby a catalyst (Biostimulant) stimulates numerous biological activities in the plant resulting in elevated levels of hormonal and other closely related compounds utilized for maintaining elevated plant health and vigor. Increasing aggregated hormonal threshold levels greatly facilitates functional cell wall permeability and turgidity providing the foundations directly responsible for successfully challenging stress symptoms throughout the extended planting cycle, harvest, installation, and stabilization of plants. 

Absent comprehensive cellular integrity, physiological and vascular functions become largely degraded, inefficient and nonfunctional during planting stress. The onset of vascular failure manifests itself quite visibly in the form of wilt and flagging symptoms initially, frequently leading to tissue decline and ultimately mortality. Increasing the hormonal levels with biostimulants greatly reduces stress symptoms related to planting stress, they establish faster and can over come drought stress.

Biostimulants usually consist of kelp, humic acids, fulvic acids, L-amino acids, and other substances…..but these are the main ingredients.