Fiberglass Pools And Spas

We know it’s still cold out but now is the time to start thinking about a San Juan Fiberglass pool or spa. Landshapes is currently booking fiberglass pool and spa installations as we speak. Our unique line of San Juan fiberglass pools and spas are far superior to anything in the industry. These pools and spas are a  one piece durable fiberglass unit with a 25 year warranty. These are the most durable fiberglass pools and spas on the market, so durable that you can freeze them and turn them into a skating rink in the winter. Visit the San Juan pool and spa link below to see some skating pictures.

Landshapes can design your pool or spa to be almost maintenance free. Yes that’s correct almost maintenance free! Landshapes can install a salt water chlorinator cell that creates it’s own natural chlorine, an inline UV sanitizer to kill all bacteria, as well as in Intelchem chemical controller with a CO2 kit….. no more manually checking and adjusting PH with chemicals. The other major advantage to having one of these units in your pool or spa is the health benefits. No more coming in contact with chemical chlorine, bacteria killing chemicals, or PH up and down chemicals. The technology which has come forth in the pool and spa industry over the past 5-10 years is nothing like what you and your parents grew up with. Contact us for more information on our fiberglass pools, spas, and operational equipment


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