TrophyTrout Pond

This Customer Contacted Landshapes when he started noticing his trophy brown trout start to die off.  The Pond is about 180′ Long X 40′ Wide X 14′ Deep which is plenty large and deep enough to harbor large trout. The one thing we notice on our initial visit  is that the Pond did not have any moving water in it. Moving water in a pond is essential to keeping the water oxygenated for aquatic life. This not only includes the trophy trout but frogs, salamanders, and insects as well. We installed an AirPro aeration system with an AirPod diffuser. These are self contained systems that are the most efficient and quietest in the industry. Not only does the system oxygenate the pond it adds the element of bubbling and moving water which is appealing to the eye as well. 

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