Late Summer Gardening Tips

Here are some things you can do in the late summer to ensure a healthy and lively lawn and garden for the rest of this year and next!


On the hotter days of summer water evaporates fast, and your plants will appreciate a good watering early in the morning to get them through the scalding days.

The sooner you weed the better. It will be less work for you in the long run if you pull out weeds as soon as they grow. By waiting until there’s enough to be an eyesore you’re giving them the time to establish strong roots, making it harder to pull them up.

Dividing plants such as peonies, day lilies and iris after the flowers stop blooming makes it less likely that they will be affected by pests and disease.

By raising the blade on your lawnmower you help keep the roots of the grass cool on hotter days. You can also wait to cut grass until later in the afternoon when it’s cooler, so that the grass has time overnight to recover.

Flowers can continue to grow new buds as long as the weather is warm. You can help them do this by cutting off the flowers that are dead or dying. This way the plant won’t waste its energy on seeds, but rather growing more beautiful flowers.

Deciduous bushes, non flowering evergreens and deadhead perennials can be pruned in late summer. This allows for thicker foliage and more flowers.

You want your plants to do well, and feeding them nutrient-rich compost is good for them. You can mix lawn clippings (make sure they’re weed free) with vegetative leftovers (free of seeds) and soil. Let this mixture decompose for a few months then use it as a superfood for your plants.

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