Shelburne Residence – Front Entry & Tree Planting

This residential project began on Tuesday.  The crew started with planting some sizable trees throughout the property, to provide screening for our clients.  Yesterday, they began to dig and base the new front walkway.  Careful attention was paid to all DIGSAFE markings, which unfortunately ran right under where the new walkway was to be built.  While the Forman ran the excavator one of our stonemasons watched diligently for the lines. Once the area was dug, the base stone was hauled in and then compacted.  They started laying the Brussels Block UNILOCK paver walkway this afternoon and had to set the 4’ long sandstone slab step by hand.  The stair install went smoothly and the walkway way looks great so far! While some of the crew was working on the walkway, the others were mulching the trees put in earlier in the week and worked on repairing any damage done to the lawn.  Fresh topsoil was brought in and then was hydroseeded.