Charlotte Residence Stone Installation

This residential project has been underway for the past few months.  Our stone crew has painstakingly been building stone walls, installing large stone slab staircases and are now laying an irregular bluestone patio with a built in fire pit.  To create our beautiful irregular patios our stone masons place each stone and mark them, pick the stone up and cut it, place the stones back where they go, in some cases re-cut them, then place them back where they go, and then pick them up again to level them.   The process pays off with incredible results, it’s just tedious work.  These stone walls are a custom mix of granites and fieldstone and will have lights built right into them.  Large boulders were cut to fit into the walls and in turn give them a unique feel all their own.  The capstones are bluestone and have our masons hand chamfered the sides. The craftsmanship of these walls is truly breathtaking.  This phase of the project is almost complete and our installation crew will be starting the bed prep in the next week or so.