Got Logistics?

How does Landshapes get 3,500 square feet of pavers, 245 tons of crushed gravel, 61 tons of sand, an excavator, and skidsteer into an almost entirely enclosed courtyard……..Very Carefully!  Laying this Paver Patio was no easy task. We first craned in an excavator and skidsteer to excavate large amounts of soil in the courtyard while a small team of dingos moved the soil out a 6′ door, thru a hallway, and out another 6′ foot door to the driveway. It was then hauled off site. That same small team of dingos moved in all the crushed gravel and sand for the patio base. That’s allot of trips seeing the buckets on these machines only hold about a wheel barrow of material at a time.  I large telehandler boomed in the large pallets of Pavers thru the 6′ doorway then thru the hallway to the interior door.

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