Bringing The Indoors Out

Outdoor entertainment spaces continue to be extremely popular with homeowners. There are many reasons why homeowners want outdoor living spaces but often it comes down to spending time with friends and family comfortably outdoors. The trend use to be bringing the outdoors in but it is quite the opposite now. Bringing the indoor comforts out to the patio, porch, or deck. Whether its an outdoor kitchen, a cozy fireplace, or a simple patio, these features bring people together and add value to the home. The return on investment can be as much as 150% based on study done by

Things To Take Into Account

Choosing Privacy Or View: You may decide you want screens or hedges to make your space a private oasis. But if your yard offers a view, be sure you make the most of it.

Addressing Shade Needs: For most outdoor spaces, intense sunlight or pouring rain could send your family back indoors. Consider incorporating a covered area in your plan.

Use Weather Friendly Site Furnishings: Textiles and furniture designed and built for the outdoors are a must. They resist fading, withstand rain and even snow.

Use Lighting Accents: Lighting can make a good design great. There are numerous options form basic torches to complex electrical installs.

Mistakes To Avoid

Foregoing A Master Plan: A solid plan, including space use, style, and plantings could save you form serious problems and frustration down the line.

Getting The Scale Wrong: A patio that is too small for the furniture you buy for it is just as bad as a patio that swallows your whole yard. Consider scale early in the process.

Neglecting Water Movement: Neglecting drainage, irrigation, and erosion needs can lead to serious issues. Plan ahead to avoid problems.

Disconnecting The Design: Make sure your outdoor room design is holistic, complementing the style, design of your home, and existing yard.

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