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Entry Way Rehab

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This front entry way originally had timbers retaining the beds which flanked the walk and started to fail. The original pavers were completely detererating after 20+ years of salt, harsh weather, and heaving in our harsh VT winters. We replaced the timbers with 18" granite curbing to retain the beds, and used a random pattern textured paver to play off of the colors of off the house and granite.  The sawn cut ends of the granite were thermalled on site to match the top sides of the large granite stones.

granite and pavers
Granite Curb
Landscape Design
Stone Walkways
Concrete Pavers

Pond House

Monday, January 12, 2015

This customer had a freshly dug swimming pond but it was pretty far from the house. They built this pond house closer to the swimming pond to have a place to congregate. We enhanced it by building this beautiful Bluestone Patio with Granite Veneer Walls, and Natural Stone Slab Stairs down to the Fire Pit

Swimming Pond
Landscape design
Granite Veneer
Fire Pit
Bluestone Patio
Fire Feature
Boulder Wall
Natural Stone Stairs

Rustic Stone Work

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our customers restored this period house, barn, and cottage to all its glory. They wanted the stone work to look period as well. The walks and patios where done with a weathered, rustic clay paver which looks like it may have been down for 100 years.  The stone steps were all custom cut Woodbury granite, with thermaled tops and rocked faces on three sides. The foundation of the main house was done in a rustic granite ledgestone veneer to give it that old world look....Check back soon to see the finished project, we are still working on a couple of major pieces to this home.


Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer
Clay Pavers, Paver Patio, Stone Steps, Granite Veneer

Run Off Water Retention Ponds

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

These large scale water retention ponds where engineered to handle thousands of gallons of run of water from the new south village neighborhood off of Spear St in S. Burlington. Our Landscape Designers and Landscape Installers transformed these baron retention ponds into a lush and Eco Friendly Landscape Habitat. Hundreds yards of fertile soils where brought in to amend the native soils in this development which primarily consisted of Anaerobic Clay. Native Species of Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials where used to rehab these areas and encourage a wild life habitat. We also Inoculated the soils and root zones w/ Mycorrihzal Fungi and Beneficial Bacteria. These are essential to a health living soil culture..... while also cutting down on the plants water and fertilizer needs. Our Landscape Designers are available to come out and discuss your project needs for the spring right now. Don't miss out on getting onto our spring schedule.  

Landscape Construction
Landscape Installation
Water Retention Ponds
Pond Construction
Landscape Design
Landscape Installation
Pond Design
VT Landscaping
Swimming Ponds
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Vermont Landscape Design

Landscape Planting Before and After

Monday, June 16, 2014

Williston Vermont Landscape Design and Planting

Check out the transformation of this newly constructed home in Williston, Vermont. Its amazing how a good Landscape Design can complement a home. Our Vermont Landscape Designers went wild with color for this project. The Landscape Plantings incorporate color and interest throughout the spring, summer, and fall using a large variety of shrubs, loads of perennials, and some Vermont native plants! Larger trees help to anchor this house and define the space while the softer textures of the perennials help the transition into the surrounding landscape.   

Front Entrance Planting Before
Front Entrance Planting After
Front Planting Before
Front Planting After

Mallets Bay Landscape Installation

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Landscape Designers and Landscape Installers have pulled out all the stops again on this lake front home in Colchester. The large Blue Stone Patio is very much in scale with the massive two stories of  glass on this house. The landscape grades where challenging here on this property as they dropped off of the road and down to the lake.  We eased the transition from the large Blue Stone Patio down to the lake with large boulders, two sets of Stone Slab Stairs, and a Water Feature with multiple water falls. Call one of our Landscape Designers today to have them transform your property into an extraordinary Outdoor Living Space.

Vermont, Blue Stone Patio
VT Blue Stone Patio
Vermont Stone Slab Stairs
Vermont Water Feature
VT Water Feature
Vermont Landscape Design
Water Feature Vemont
Blue Stone Slab Stairs
Landscape Design Vermont
VT Landscape Design

Vermont Flower Show Preperations

Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Vermont Landscaping company has begun preparations for the upcoming Vermont Flower Show.  Our designers have been planning our booth, gathering supplies and talking with the crew about various item to be built. In fact we have even got some Fothergilla shrubs in the design office. We are hoping to force them into bloom in time for the show. If you are curious about forcing, check out the following link and try it for yourself!

Hilton Interior Holiday Installation

Monday, December 3, 2012

On Friday this Vermont landscape company took their design and installation abilities inside, to decorate the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Burlington for the holidays.  The theme was country elegant and our small crew of three pulled it off splendidly. Small Serbian Spruce trees and curly willow were used to display red & white glass ornaments, popcorn & cranberries and ribbon. Multicolored poinsettias also help to spread holiday cheer.


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