Landshapes has been providing the highest quality customer service in residential and commercial landscape installation since established in 1992. In the past two decades, Landshapes has evolved into the leader of Vermont's landscape industry.


Dear Brian, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for both the excellent working relationship with your guys here at DHMC and the fabulous craftsmanship that they're doing the work with . It's a pleasure to work with you guys and the walls look absolutely great.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work done by Treman and the crew. I was so impressed to see the extent of their willingness to go beyond expectations. Their attention to detail I find remarkable. You should be proud of the way they take care to positively represent your brand. I couldn't be more pleased with the results....and rest assured that I've already started to save for our next big project. Again, my most sincere thanks,


What can we say but thanks again to the team members from landshapes. Everything is growing, blooming,water splashing, frogs croaking... in other words a delightful and restful back yard. We love it!


I would certainly recommend Landshapes to anyone looking to get some landscaping done. You came when you said you would and that alone means a lot, you completed the project in a timely fashion, and any concerns we had were immediately addressed. All of our neighbors have commented on how nice the landscaping looks. Manny was great in helping guide us through the process without pressuring us to do it his way. I feel we definitely got our moneys worth and some.


Now that the project at the Shelburne Museum is complete I would like to express my pleasure in working with Landshapes. We very much enjoyed working with you and your field formen. Your involvement and their attention to detail, schedule, and quality helped making this challenging project successful. I enjoyed working with you and appreciate you supporting this project and always working in the owners best interest to provide a good value to this extremely important client. The Shelburne Museum is very happy with the way the landscaping was completed. Thank you again for your work as a part of our team

J.B. Project Manager

Just wanted to pass along that your guys are doing a great job. I'm sure like me you only hear the negative. I just thanked the machine operators but wanted to pass this along to you.


Hey Landshapes, (this is a big shout out!!) On behalf of me and my coworkers at the Davis center at UVM, I wanted to tell you of my deep gratitude for the incredible job you guys do in keeping the snow plowed and cleaned up around campus. I am a year round biker so I especially appreciate coming to work with entrances and roads all clear. The work you do around campus is phenomenal considering the complexity of the buildings. You guys rock and are total pros and I thought it was about time to let you know you are appreciated every time the snow flakes begin to fall. I take a lot of pride in my job and try to earn my paycheck everyday the best I can. I get inspire when I see you guys busting your butts out there and showing pride in doing your jobs at the same time. We would be lost without you. Thank you for your excellence and commitment you show. I have to believe that all of UVM is grateful for the monumental task you accomplish around campus every big and nasty snowstorm. Here's to doing the job right and loving it! Sincerely,


Landshapes professionalism sets them apart in this fast paced, complex construction world. I know I can always count on Landshapes to get the job done without undue assistance and distraction. Also Brian Lamphere is a great guy to work with.


Landshapes has taken care of my high end personable properties from soup to nuts for many years in all different aspects. Estate management, weekly lawn cutting, garden maintenance, design, installation of design and more. Landshapes has exceeded my expectations in every way. My most recent project, my second large project with Landshapes, was a difficult one. We purchased a lot and built on a compromising slope. Many retaining walls were necessary in addition to stone pathways, entry ways, and more. I had a very particular vision as to the feeling I wanted my property to be: Colorado rocky mountain with an alpine feeling. I did not know how to achieve that, it was a HUGE project, and I wanted no maintenance. The designer listened to every word I had to say and came up with a plan that exceeded my expectations. The Landshapes crew that did the stone work and our stone driveway are artists, they worked hard, long hot hours in the heat, and very easy to get along with, as are everyone else at Landshapes. My stone work is unique. My goals were over achieved by the team, I still employ Landshapes for Estate management and more. A great company!! I highly recommend Landshapes out of Richmond, VT.


Landshapes was referred to us by a friend who was very pleased with their work. The landscape design involved cleaning out some overgrowth, plantings near our house, garage, and in our front yard, lawn contouring and planting around the house, an asphalt driveway and paver walkways for the house and garage
We had a general idea of what we wanted, Manny listened to our ideas and presented us with a design and plants that suited our needs. The crew was friendly, courteous and efficient and willing to help with a small project I was working on at the time. 
Manny made several follow up visits after the completion of the project.


After reviewing designs from several landscaping professionals and not finding any that suited me, I stumbled on the fact that Landshapes won a recent award for creative designs. After all, this is the single most important factor when planning a landscaping project of any significant size and expense. The moment I laid eyes on the design I knew this was what I had been looking for. Family and friends all had the same opinion when comparing with the alternative designs. Landshapes was the first and only landscaping firm to listen to what I was asking for and translate that into design. I know these were going to be people I could work with and awarded them the contract for construction. 

A Landshapes team was put together that included the designer and the plan for construction was well laid out and executed flawlessly. My opinion was asked anytime alternatives presented themselves rather than the contractor deciding for me. The team was, friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

As much as I liked the design, the results exceeded my expectations as well as those of my family, friends and neighbors. I receive many compliments and several people have asked for Landshapes contact information to pursue designs for their own homes. I highly recommend Landshapes.

J. W.

When we decided that we had to replace an old high long retaining wall and steps that separated two levels of lawn in front of our house, we wanted to find a landscaping company to design a beautiful system that would enhance our property and complement the house. We interviewed many people. We liked Landshapes' previous work. We hoped that they could rebuild the wall and stairs and deal with a huge stump whose roots had grown into the old wall and ledge in the south end of the yard. 
The upper garden was slopped downward. Landshapes' stone masons and designers are truly artists , The stonework for the wall and stairs is unique, elegant and strong. The solution for the stump is lovely, and the curving wall ties perfectly into the ledge in the south yard. The landscaping for the upper and lower areas is beautiful. We were consulted as work progressed. Everyone was conscientious and friendly. As a bonus we had some help replanting and designing our new garden. We are very pleased and happy. It was a pleasure dealing with everyone.


We have worked with Landshapes on more than one occasion and couldn't be any more pleased with how our projects turn out. 
Our latest challenge was finding a natural-looking "berm" solution for replacing dead and diseased trees lining the street-facing side of our property. Landshapes did just that! Their design was exceptionally thoughtful and incorporated features that were important to us from specific trees and plants - to boulders - to the actual shape of the berm. The crew is a joy to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, too.


I first contracted Landshapes 5 years ago and they continue to be my first call whenever I have a project that I want done right the first time. They installed a spectacular swimming pond that has transformed our property and our lives! We have also worked with them on several other hardscape projects as well as bed design and tree installment. From design to maintenance, they have always been professional, responsive and very easy to work with. This team is creatively gifted and when paired with their expertise and work ethic, they are hard to beat. Over the past several years I've gotten to know many of the team and they are simply nice people who want to do quality work and make people happy. This is evident in their customer service as well. I've never had a concern that wasn't addressed and resolved very quickly and easily and my phone calls and emails are always promptly returned. Love these guys!


We were extremely pleased (blown away!) by the quality, professionalism, and speed to which our wall and new front walk were completed! Then they came back and brought heavy boulders and lighting to complete the entire front landscape. We plan to work with them in the future, which says it all! Highly recommend!