Thursday, October 23, 2014
Stone Walls

Landshapes Sponsored Sport Bike Wins Three Championships This Year.

2014 Class Championship USCRA Road Race Series

Formula 3 and Middleweight Classes

NHMS/LRRS Armature P89 Class

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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This Commercial Landscape Installation took place at the new Green Mountain Psychiatric Care Center in Berlin. There is no job to large or small for our skilled Landscape Installers. Boulders where used to soften the linear lines of the walks and buildings and give a more natural look to the Landscape. The Landscape Architects on this particular project  choose low maintenance plant material to cut down on the maintenance of the Landscape. Large masses of grasses and perennials where used for a dramatic...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Landscape Construction, Landscape Installation, Water Retention Ponds, Pond Construction, Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Pond Design, VT Landscaping, Swimming Ponds, Landscaping Vermont, Vermont Landscape Design

These large scale water retention ponds where engineered to handle thousands of gallons of run of water from the new south village neighborhood off of Spear St in S. Burlington. Our Landscape Designers and Landscape Installers transformed these baron retention ponds into a lush and Eco Friendly Landscape Habitat. Hundreds yards of fertile soils where brought in to amend the native soils in this development which primarily consisted of Anaerobic Clay. Native Species of Trees, Shrubs...

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Burlington Vermont Masonry Retaining Wall Before, Burlington Vermont Retaining Wall During, Burlington Vermont Retaining Wall During, Burlington Vermont Retaining Wall After

Landshapes' Masons transformed this Burlington, VT property with their craftsmanship. This Vermont Landscape Design called for removing an old timber retaining wall and replacing it with a new Fieldstone Retaining Wall with Bluestone Caps. Each Vermont Fieldstone was custom cut and chiseled to create a mosaic look. The 2" thick Bluestone Caps were also custom cut and flamed on site for a smooth seamless finish. Two sets of Masonry steps with Bluestone Treads complete this transformation. Believe it or not our Vermont Masons finished this entire project in just over one week! Call us to set...

Thursday, June 26, 2014
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Vermont Water Feature

This Vermont Water Feature was designed by our Vermont Landscape Designer to fit in to this existing site. Our skilled Landscape Installers masterfully sculpted this Water Feature, incorporating existing ledge outcrops and vegetation. Two individual ponds connected by waterfalls and a collection pool comprise this Water Feature. This Vermont Water Feature is actually a Swim Pond complete with a high efficiency pump, sand filter, and UV filter ensuring a clean and inviting chemical-free swim. The lower pond is planted with Vermont Native Wetland Plants and will...

Monday, June 16, 2014
Front Entrance Planting Before, Front Entrance Planting After, Front Planting Before, Front Planting After,

Williston Vermont Landscape Design and Planting

Check out the transformation of this newly constructed home in Williston, Vermont. Its amazing how a good Landscape Design can complement a home. Our Vermont Landscape Designers went wild with color for this project. The Landscape Plantings incorporate color and interest throughout the spring, summer, and fall using a large variety of shrubs, loads of perennials, and some Vermont native plants! Larger trees help to anchor this house and define the space while the softer textures of the perennials help the transition into the...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Vermont, Blue Stone Patio, VT Blue Stone Patio, Vermont Stone Slab Stairs, Vermont Water Feature, VT Water Feature, Vermont Landscape Design, Water Feature Vemont, Blue Stone Slab Stairs, Landscape Design Vermont, VT Landscape Design

Our Landscape Designers and Landscape Installers have pulled out all the stops again on this lake front home in Colchester. The large Blue Stone Patio is very much in scale with the massive two stories of  glass on this house. The landscape grades where challenging here on this property as they dropped off of the road and down to the lake.  We eased the transition from the large Blue Stone Patio down to the lake with large boulders, two sets of Stone Slab Stairs, and a Water Feature with...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
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Get a jump on summer with your own Vermont Fiberglass Pool. These Fiberglass Pools are the most rugged in the industry. So Rugged you can freeze them in the winter and turn them into a Ice Skating Rink. Our Manufacturer has been building these since 1958, using high end boat technology. There is a 25 Year warranty on these units....try to get that out of a gunite or vinyl lined pool manufacturer. These Fiberglass Pools are bullet proof. You can literally fire high caliper rounds at these Fiberglass Pools...

Friday, May 2, 2014
Outdoor Kitchens VT, Vermont Outdoor Kitchen, VT Outdoor Kitchens, Vermont Outdoor Grill, VT Outdoor Grill, Outdoor Kitchen Vermont

Our stone masons have done it again! This beautiful Vermont outdoor kitchen and bar was just completed. It has a lynx grill insert, the bar and counter tops are custom made cosmic black granite, and the stone work was done with Adirondack granite. Our outdoor kitchens are built to withstand our harsh Vermont winters.  Get a jump on Landshapes designing your outdoor kitchen masterpiece. Our outdoor kitchens are not only appealing to the eye, It can add value to your property. We are booking outdoor kitchen installations as we speak!  Don't miss out on one of our landscape designers...

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Fiberglass Pool Vermont, Vermont Fiberglass Pools, San Juan Fiberglass Pool, VT Fiberglass Pool, Vermont Fiberglass Pools, Fiberglass Pool Installation In Vermont , Vermont Fiberglass Pool Installation

Spring has Sprung!  This is our first Fiberglas pool and spa installation of the year.  Get  jump on Landshapes Landscape Design Team working on your maintenance free Fiberglass Pool Or Spa Design. We Have 50 Fiberglass Pool models to choose from and 18 Fiberglass Spa models. San Juan Fiberglass Pools and Spas builds the strongest Fiberglass Pools in the industry by using high end fiberglass boat technology. They are literally Bullet proof! Click on the link below to see large caliper rounds stopped by this Fiberglass Pool...


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