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All in a (Few) Day's Work

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Here are some photos taken during contruction at one of our job sites. Here you can see parts of our processes such as measuring, digging and transport. Stay on the look out for future photos of this location once the finishing touches are complete. You get a glimpse of the patio we put in around the pool in the last photo, but once grass and plants are in, the whole area will have had a significant transformation.

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Stowe Fiberglass Pool Installation

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Get a jump on summer with your own Vermont Fiberglass Pool. These Fiberglass Pools are the most rugged in the industry. So Rugged you can freeze them in the winter and turn them into a Ice Skating Rink. Our Manufacturer has been building these since 1958, using high end boat technology. There is a 25 Year warranty on these units....try to get that out of a gunite or vinyl lined pool manufacturer. These Fiberglass Pools are bullet proof. You can literally fire high caliper rounds at these Fiberglass Pools and they will not penetrate. We are booking Fiberglass Pool installations solidly. Don't miss out on getting on our schedule for your Fiberglass Pool Installation.

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