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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Our Mason's are at it again....Creating this beautiful facade and pillars with a died mortared joint. Due to the cold weather for this type of work we had tent and heat the area being worked on in order to get a good quality adhesion. Product being used is actually a cultured stone with three different cuts. 

Stone Veneer
Stone Veneer
Stone Veneer
Stone Veneer

Sculpture In The Landscape

Friday, December 22, 2017

More and more poeple are intruducing sculpture into the landscape. Whether its artfully stacked stones, a large upright obilisk, a detialed carved piece of granite, or welded peices of steel they add character and structure to the garden as well as make an interesting conversation piece. So next time you are out in your garden think about planting some art.

Landscape Art
Landscape Art
Landscape Art
Landscape Art
Landscape Art
Landscape Art
Landscape Art
Landscape Art
Landscape Art
Landscape Art

We Know Plants. We Can Help.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Every plant is different; each one has unique conditions in which it thrives. Other than the numerous considerations needed to plant the right plant in the right spot (amount of sun, water, soil type etc.) another thing to consider is the intended function of the plant. This can be as basic as making sure the plant works aesthetically with its surroundings, or more complex like choosing plants to absorb excess water or that will not fall prey to hungry deer.

Our designers at Landshapes are familiar and experienced with tens of thousands of plants. Let us help you bring your landscape dreams to life while also creating a space that’s beautiful, thriving, and functions to your needs.

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curved stone wall
outdoor stone fire pit

Tree Planting Depth

Friday, March 17, 2017

The depth in which a tree is planted is very important to the tree’s future health. If a tree gets planted too deeply, such as in image A, it can die. A tree should be planted so that the root flare is just above the ground’s surface. The root flare is where the roots move away from the trunk, flaring outwards. Do not mistake the graft for the root flare; sometimes the grafts can be exaggerated and look like root flare ( B ). A correctly planted tree looks like images C and D. Sometimes before planting a tree, soil must be removed to expose the root flare; the newly exposed trunk can be at a higher risk of damage from cold or sun. You can prevent damage by putting down mulch, but not too much. You want to avoid volcano mulching, shown in image E, which can also harm the plant. Mulch should be laid approximately two inches deep.

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Dream Big for Spring and Summer

Friday, March 3, 2017

The weather might not be able to decide what season it is, but our designers’ minds are on spring and summer projects! With our skilled designers, any landscape can be transformed into a beautiful and functional outdoor living space. We work with companies such as Alliance Gator, Cobble Creek Nursery, Gardener’s Supply Company, Techo-Bloc, and Trowel Trades Supply, Inc. to ensure high quality materials.

back yard living space
landscape makeover
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You Dream It, We Draw It!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Before any great landscape can be created it must first be drawn! Landshapes has great designers who not only know what will look good, but what will grow well and fit the needs of the space and clients. Of course lines on paper are never as impressive as the finished product, but the time and thought our designers put into each project deserves recognition. Site plans help the client better envision their new space and get them excited for what is to come.

Pool install
garden install
pavers and walks
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From Dreams to Design to Dreams Come True!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Our award winning landscape designers are hard at work drawing landscape designs. Whether it's a large scale master landscape plan you want, or a quaint back yard design, our landscape designers can transform your property into an amazing outdoor living space.  We're currently scheduling landscape installations. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with our talented and dedicated crew in order to create the perfect outdoor space of your dreams!

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landscape installation
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Natural Swimming Pond

Friday, January 9, 2015

This Natural Swimming Pond was constructed in South Hero VT. Almost every stone was placed by hand as to not tear the liner. The Swimming Pond equipment Includes a sand filter, UV light, bottom drains, A skimmer, and waterfall. This is the same basic equipment found in most pools. This ensures a very clean Swimming Pond with minimal cost and effort.

Swimming Pond
Natural Swimming Pond
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Mycorrhizal Fungi, Do I need them?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Most people do not understand how profoundly important it is to use Mycorrhizal Fungi when planting trees, shrubs, and lawns. If I ask most people what the main function of roots are they will answer..... to anchor the tree or plant in the ground and to take up water and nutrients. Well, only one of those answers is anchor the tree or plant in the ground.  The next main function of a root is to act as an attachment site for Mycorrhizal Fungi.  Mycorrhizae should be the primary way which trees and shrubs should take up water and nutrients. The fact that roots can take up water and nutrients is a secondary function which nature put in place in case roots where to loose there mycorrhizal association. Roots are not very efficient at taking up water and nutrients compared to Micorrhizae. They are thousands of times more efficient at taking up water and nutrients than roots. What you do when you inoculate roots.......... you are increasing the surface absorption area several hundred to several thousands times. This is how natural systems work....think of old growth forests no body ever watered or fertilized those trees yet they are extremely large, vigorous, and mostly disease free. How did they grow so health without any input from man? It is the Mycorrhzal association in the soil which gets the majority of the water and nutrients to these trees and shrubs and also fight off pathogens in natural systems like these. the next questions most folks have is, If they are suppose to occur naturalyl in soil all over the planet shouldn't the already be in the soil? The answer is no! Once you disturb, compact, or let soils go fallow you kill all of the mycorrhizae as well as the beneficial bacteria in the soil. they do not fall from the sky or blow in the wind or exsist in compost, so once they are gone they are gone.  They could only be introduced by another plant which has never been disturbed, is fairly old and is close enough to get spores over to the new plants. This may take multiple decades to accomplish and only if there is nothing in there way like streets, sidewalks, and buildings. So that being said all trees, plants, and grass should be inoculated with Mycorrhizal Fungi. You will find that plants will establish faster and are able to overcome times of drought as well as disease. For more information on this subject please go to our distributors website on these amazing fungi.



Mycorrhizal Fungi
mycorrhizal Fungi

Ball Field Rehab

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This little league field in Burlington VT got a professional rehab this year. The material which was in this field was so compacted and hard that I would compare it to concrete. We removed 12" of existing material and replaced it with 9" of compacted washed sand and 3" of compacted professional Infield mix special made for us at NESS outside of Boston.

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