TrophyTrout Pond

Monday, December 7, 2015

This Customer Contacted Landshapes when he started noticing his trophy brown trout start to die off.  The Pond is about 180' Long X 40' Wide X 14' Deep which is plenty large and deep enough to harbor large trout. The one thing we notice on our initial visit  is that the Pond did not have any moving water in it. Moving water in a pond is essential to keeping the water oxygenated for aquatic life. This not only includes the trophy trout but frogs, salamanders, and insects as well. We installed an AirPro aeration system with an AirPod diffuser. These are self contained systems that are the most efficient and quietest in the industry. Not only does the system oxygenate the pond it adds the element of bubbling and moving water which is appealing to the eye as well. 

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Koi Pond Rehab

Monday, March 9, 2015

Landshapes rehabs a 10 plus year old Koi Pond and Water Fall at Gardeners Supply. The pond had had problems for years with loosing water daily among others. We started by moving the Large Koi into temporary holding tanks with areators. The pond and waterfall were then drained of all water. The next step was to remove the liner and underlayment. At that point we started to examine the stacked stone structure for stability and realized that a good portion of the structure had to be taken apart and rebuilt making it more stable. After rebuilding the stone structure new under lament and liner where installed and the pond and waterfall were refilled with fresh water. When the ponds temperature came up to an appropriate temperature the Koi were introduced back into the pond

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Natural Swimming Pond

Friday, January 9, 2015

This Natural Swimming Pond was constructed in South Hero VT. Almost every stone was placed by hand as to not tear the liner. The Swimming Pond equipment Includes a sand filter, UV light, bottom drains, A skimmer, and waterfall. This is the same basic equipment found in most pools. This ensures a very clean Swimming Pond with minimal cost and effort.

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Run Off Water Retention Ponds

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

These large scale water retention ponds where engineered to handle thousands of gallons of run of water from the new south village neighborhood off of Spear St in S. Burlington. Our Landscape Designers and Landscape Installers transformed these baron retention ponds into a lush and Eco Friendly Landscape Habitat. Hundreds yards of fertile soils where brought in to amend the native soils in this development which primarily consisted of Anaerobic Clay. Native Species of Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials where used to rehab these areas and encourage a wild life habitat. We also Inoculated the soils and root zones w/ Mycorrihzal Fungi and Beneficial Bacteria. These are essential to a health living soil culture..... while also cutting down on the plants water and fertilizer needs. Our Landscape Designers are available to come out and discuss your project needs for the spring right now. Don't miss out on getting onto our spring schedule.  

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