UVM Alumni House

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The University of Vermont Alumni House was built in 1892 and is 18,000 square feet. Recently a 2,600 square foot addition was put on and we were hired to do the landscaping. Around the addition we installed bluestone mortared patios and stair treads as well as granite steps. We also did a brick paver patio and walkway with alumni names etched into the bricks. Around both the new addition and the original building we installed tree, shrub and perennial plantings. Despite the age of the architecture, this recently renovated building is now looking as lively and welcoming as ever.

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Our Work Ends As School Nears!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Work at Champlain College is almost complete! We put in English Edge Heavy clay pavers from Pine Hall where giant concrete slabs used to be and installed some plantings. The colors of the pavers are Buff and Rose which compliment the surrounding plants and buildings. With the new CCM building looking great it was time to update some other areas of campus.

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Champlain College Gets An Update

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am super excited about this work we're doing at Champlain College! We broke ground and are putting in English Edge Heavy clay pavers from Pine Hall where giant concrete slabs used to be.  The colors of the pavers are Buff and Rose which compliment the surrounding plants and buildings. With the new CCM building looking fabulous it was time to update some other areas of campus. We are also doing some plantings including the transplanted tree in the picture below.

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Paver Apron, Walkways, and Stone Stairs

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This home originally had a gravel driveway, walkways, failing PT stairs, and a drainage problem at the garage doors. We created a Rustic Concrete Paver Apron, from the front entry, across the garage doors, over to the work shop, and to the back door. We incorporated Rustic Stone Slab Stairs with thermalled tops and a natural rock faces at the front and back doors. The color of the Stone Slab Stairs played off of the Rustic Concrete Paver Color as well as the house color tying all of the elements together. To deal with the run off from the street pooling at the garage doors we set 25' of channel drains set into the Rustic Concrete Pavers which daylighted into the side yard. The Deep shaded front wood line was planted with a handful of shade loving flower plants, and 500 Cornus Canadensis plugs. The Asphalt paving was done by our sister company J. Hutchins Inc.

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Entry Way Rehab

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This front entry way originally had timbers retaining the beds which flanked the walk and started to fail. The original pavers were completely detererating after 20+ years of salt, harsh weather, and heaving in our harsh VT winters. We replaced the timbers with 18" granite curbing to retain the beds, and used a random pattern textured paver to play off of the colors of off the house and granite.  The sawn cut ends of the granite were thermalled on site to match the top sides of the large granite stones.

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