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Landshapes Landscape Designer Wins 2017 Green Works - Vermont Nursery And Landscape Association Industry Award

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Landscape Designer Caroline Dudek won this years Honor Award for a Burlington hillside retreat. This back yard had limited usable space and the steep slope ended close to the existing deck. Once an eye soar the hillside swale is now a design feature and is functional at channeling water to a french drain at the bottom of the wall and moving water away from the house. A once uninviting and unusable back yard is now the clients favorite place to relax and entertain. 

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Challenging Backyard Landscape

Monday, January 22, 2018

This back yard had limited usable space, and the steep slope ended close to the existing deck. The area is mostly exposed soil which make the site muddy with rain fall and due to the natural contour of the hillside the original swale collected all the rain water run-off, which resulted in erosion and water collecting near the house. Once an eye soar, the hillside swale is now a design feature with the appearance of a dry stream bed. It functions to channel water down the new swale to a french drain at the wall base, moving it away from the house. The site was tight and had limited access which made moving materials in and out quite a challenge.

A once uninviting and unusable back yard is now the clients favorite place to relax and entertain. Naturalizing groupings of plants flow through the garden with varying textures and forms.  The clients hosted a musical performance with plenty of seating to accommodate 80 plus guests. The back yard now acts as a mini amphitheater as well as havering form and function.

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We Know Plants. We Can Help.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Every plant is different; each one has unique conditions in which it thrives. Other than the numerous considerations needed to plant the right plant in the right spot (amount of sun, water, soil type etc.) another thing to consider is the intended function of the plant. This can be as basic as making sure the plant works aesthetically with its surroundings, or more complex like choosing plants to absorb excess water or that will not fall prey to hungry deer.

Our designers at Landshapes are familiar and experienced with tens of thousands of plants. Let us help you bring your landscape dreams to life while also creating a space that’s beautiful, thriving, and functions to your needs.

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Start Thinking About Your Summer Landscaping Now

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Whether you embrace winter by hitting the trails, or push through with help from thoughts of sunny beaches, now is the perfect time to consider your landscaping. The dull grays and browns of winter may inspire ideas for a unique landscape design which could include colorful plantings, a stone patio, stone walkways, a water feature and more. You can also plan your Vermont landscaping so that there are still elements that add aesthetic to your yard in the winter, such as Winter Berry, Harry Lauder's Walking Stick, Red Twig Dogwood, evergreens and masonry. Winter is also a good time to observe how your yard handles rain, cold and foot traffic to determine if there are any irrigation, drainage or runoff problems that should be addressed. Rain gardens, drip edge, and retaining walls are just a few solutions to these problems.

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Installation for Failing Hillside is Complete!

Monday, June 20, 2016

If you take a look back at our previous blog post, "Failing Hillside", you can see just how far we've come! Even when you look at the "Failing Hillside Update!" it was hard to visualize how things would end up looking. But now here it is! Installation is complete and all that's left is for the grass to come in! The owners now have space to enjoy the outdoors, whether it's lounging on the patio or enjoying the stadium seating around the fire pit.

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Failing Hillside

Friday, May 20, 2016

This client had a failing hillside. It was nearly impossible and dangerous to try to mow because of how steep it was, and it was taking up usable space. The slope extended right up to the back of the house leaving the client without much of a back yard. We were able to turn the area into livable space with boulder walls and mortared core walls to support the slope once we dug some of it away. These walls will prevent the sandy ground from future erosion. We also added stone stairs that climb up to a patio and fire pit, which was one way we were able to utilize the slope. Eventually the upper hillside will be reforested with native species.

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Little Fenway Gets a Facelift

Monday, May 16, 2016

August 12-14, 2016, marks the 15th year when friends of the Travis Roy Foundation will meet at Little Fenway in Essex, Vermont, to have a backyard WIFFLE Ball tournament. The Travis Roy foundation focuses on shortening the path to a cure for spinal cord injuries and helping spinal cord injured survivors who are in need of adaptive equipment improve their quality of life. Landshapes was able to help by re-grading and compacting the gravel so that it is handicap accessible. We also did drainage work to keep the pathways and fields dry. Stone slab stairs were set for access to the new field.

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Spring Is in the Air!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sunday March 20th at 12:31 AM - what's the significance of that date and time? That's the first day of Spring! For 92 days and 18 hours we will experience trees, shrubs and perennials leafing out and flowering. This is a special time in most gardens and landscapes; when plants stretch for the sun with the deep desire to propagate themselves, our landscape designers are hard at work creating beautiful and functional landscapes for our clients. Don't miss out on one of our talented landscape designers creating the outdoor living experience of your dreams! Don't hesitate, call today!

Landshapes (802)434-3500

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Outdoor Living At It's Finest

Friday, February 5, 2016

The area where this customer wanted to build his outdoor living Space had a 15 foot drop with the potential for flooding from the Mad River. It required the pouring of reinforced concrete walls which where tied into the surrounding ledge. This gave us a a large flat space to work with and no potential of flooding. The patio was laid with large irregular blue stone. 2 large planting beds were created flanking each concrete wall with large pieces of granite. The planting beds soften up the look of all the stone elements and brought some plant color and textures into the living space. We Installed a high tech fiberglass spa with all the bells and whistles into the corner. This included custom cut and thermaled blue stone coping and stairs. This spa also included a salt water chlorinator, UV light, Pentair Intelchem, Intelchlor, and an Easytouch controller. This created a maintenance free spa which could be controlled by any smart phone or tablet. The full size outdoor fire place was built with a Stone Age Fireplace Kit and veneered with Mountain Field Stone. It really throws the heat into the patio area. A hearth was laid with custom cut granite pavers to play off of the granite planting beds. With a secondary highway in view and privacy an issue a custom made cedar fence was built. It flanks the fireplace and blocks the space from a busy secondary highway, To bring the outdoor living space together with the entry, we laid a random pattern tumbled paver with an accent inlay around the perimeter to bring the build together..

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Got Logistics?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How does Landshapes get 3,500 square feet of pavers, 245 tons of crushed gravel, 61 tons of sand, an excavator, and skidsteer into an almost entirely enclosed courtyard........Very Carefully!  Laying this Paver Patio was no easy task. We first craned in an excavator and skidsteer to excavate large amounts of soil in the courtyard while a small team of dingos moved the soil out a 6' door, thru a hallway, and out another 6' foot door to the driveway. It was then hauled off site. That same small team of dingos moved in all the crushed gravel and sand for the patio base. That's allot of trips seeing the buckets on these machines only hold about a wheel barrow of material at a time.  I large telehandler boomed in the large pallets of Pavers thru the 6' doorway then thru the hallway to the interior door.

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