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Planting Soil Preperation

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Landshapes gets a jump on the season preparing thousands of yards of soils for the spring Landscape Planting Season. All of our soils are custom mixed at our facilities in Richmond Vermont. Carefully selected amounts of Silt, Sand, and Compost are incorporated and run through a screener to blend and mix the Planting Soils thoroughly. 

Soil Prep
Soil Preperation
Preparing Soil

Paver Apron, Walkways, and Stone Stairs

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This home originally had a gravel driveway, walkways, failing PT stairs, and a drainage problem at the garage doors. We created a Rustic Concrete Paver Apron, from the front entry, across the garage doors, over to the work shop, and to the back door. We incorporated Rustic Stone Slab Stairs with thermalled tops and a natural rock faces at the front and back doors. The color of the Stone Slab Stairs played off of the Rustic Concrete Paver Color as well as the house color tying all of the elements together. To deal with the run off from the street pooling at the garage doors we set 25' of channel drains set into the Rustic Concrete Pavers which daylighted into the side yard. The Deep shaded front wood line was planted with a handful of shade loving flower plants, and 500 Cornus Canadensis plugs. The Asphalt paving was done by our sister company J. Hutchins Inc.

Paver Walkway
rustic stone stairs
Stone Stairs
landscape design and installation
Rustic Pavers
Rustic Concrete Pavers
Rustic Paver Apron
Landscape Design Vermont

Ball Field Rehab

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This little league field in Burlington VT got a professional rehab this year. The material which was in this field was so compacted and hard that I would compare it to concrete. We removed 12" of existing material and replaced it with 9" of compacted washed sand and 3" of compacted professional Infield mix special made for us at NESS outside of Boston.

master landscape plan
Landscape Design
landscape design
Landscape Installation

Mallets Bay Landscape Installation

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Landscape Designers and Landscape Installers have pulled out all the stops again on this lake front home in Colchester. The large Blue Stone Patio is very much in scale with the massive two stories of  glass on this house. The landscape grades where challenging here on this property as they dropped off of the road and down to the lake.  We eased the transition from the large Blue Stone Patio down to the lake with large boulders, two sets of Stone Slab Stairs, and a Water Feature with multiple water falls. Call one of our Landscape Designers today to have them transform your property into an extraordinary Outdoor Living Space.

Vermont, Blue Stone Patio
VT Blue Stone Patio
Vermont Stone Slab Stairs
Vermont Water Feature
VT Water Feature
Vermont Landscape Design
Water Feature Vemont
Blue Stone Slab Stairs
Landscape Design Vermont
VT Landscape Design


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