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Run Off Water Retention Ponds

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

These large scale water retention ponds where engineered to handle thousands of gallons of run of water from the new south village neighborhood off of Spear St in S. Burlington. Our Landscape Designers and Landscape Installers transformed these baron retention ponds into a lush and Eco Friendly Landscape Habitat. Hundreds yards of fertile soils where brought in to amend the native soils in this development which primarily consisted of Anaerobic Clay. Native Species of Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials where used to rehab these areas and encourage a wild life habitat. We also Inoculated the soils and root zones w/ Mycorrihzal Fungi and Beneficial Bacteria. These are essential to a health living soil culture..... while also cutting down on the plants water and fertilizer needs. Our Landscape Designers are available to come out and discuss your project needs for the spring right now. Don't miss out on getting onto our spring schedule.  

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