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Big Littleton Project Continued!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Here are some more photos of the Littleton project! Grand views and a grand house inspired us for this massive landscape/hardscape design. Now our installation gets to be the foundation of many memories to come! Once the plants grow and patio furniture is laid out this outdoor living space will have a complete and cozy feel, despite its enormity. 

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backyard design
beautiful landscaping
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stone slab stairs
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Rock Stairs
back yard living space

All in a (Few) Day's Work

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Here are some photos taken during contruction at one of our job sites. Here you can see parts of our processes such as measuring, digging and transport. Stay on the look out for future photos of this location once the finishing touches are complete. You get a glimpse of the patio we put in around the pool in the last photo, but once grass and plants are in, the whole area will have had a significant transformation.

patio installation
Patio Installation
backyard design
in ground pool
chemical free swim
new england landscaping
automatic pool cover
pool cover installation
maintenance free pool

College Maybe out for the Summer but We're Just Getting Started!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Imagine coming home every day to a beautiful outdoor space where you can entertain a group of friends and family or just simply lay out, soak up some sun and enjoy a good book. Watch your kids splash around in the pool or casually float around for a while. Throw a pool party, host that Luau you’ve always wanted to, catch up with old friends, invite the in-laws over; the possibilities are endless, but they all start with Landshapes.

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pool installation
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stone patio
Vermont hardscaping
Waterfall installation
pond swimming area
Bluestone patio
new england masonry
Outdoor Living Area

Pool With A View

Monday, January 18, 2016

Although this property had a 20' deep swimming pond it was 100 yards away form the house. Wanting to keep a closer eye on their children we installed this SAN JUAN fiberglass pool right at the house.  The pool and patio where situated with the view in mind. It looked over their existing pond out to MT Mansfield and the Sterling Range. We installed this pool with all the bells and whistles. All equipment was Pentair and included 400 BTU Heater, Intelchlor, Intelchem, UV Sanitizer, and an easy touch control system which lets you control the pool from any smart device. Adding this equipment makes this pool almost Maintenance Free.

Fiberglass Pool Vermont, Maintenance Free Pool
Fiberglass Pool Vermont, Maintenance Free Pool
Fiberglass Pool Installation VT, Maintenance Free Pool

Manufactured Block Wall Around Pool

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This Landshapes customer had a 10 foot wide hedge of arborvitae which grew right to the edge of his pool. Over the years his overgrown landscape had eaten up valuable realestate around his pool. Landshapes removed the 10 foot wide hedge to try to reclaim some of that valuable realestate around the pool. We then installed a retaining wall as far out as we could to retain the soil and create a flat usable space around the Pool

Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall
Manufactured Block Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall Around Pool

Fiberglass Pools And Spas

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We know it's still cold out but now is the time to start thinking about a San Juan Fiberglass Pool or Spa.  Landshapes is currently booking pool and spa installations now! Our unique line of San Juan fiberglass pools and spas are far superior to anything in the industry. These pools and spas are one piece durable fiberglass units with a 25 year warranty. These are the most durable pools and spas on the market, so durable that you can freeze them solid and turn them into a skating rink in the winter. Visit the San Juan pool and spa link below to see some skating pictures.

landshapes can design you pool or spa to be almost maintnance free. Yes that's correct maintenance free! Landshapes can install a salt water chlorinator cell that creates it's own natural chlorine with basic table salt, an inline uv sanitizer to kill bacteria, as well as an intelchem controller with a CO2 more manually checking and adjusting PH with chemicals. The other major advantage of having one of these systems in your pool or spa is the health benefits.  No more coming in contact with chemical chlorine, bacteria killing chemicals, or PH up and down chemicals. The technology which has come forth in the pool and spa industry over the past 10 years is nothing like what you and your parents grew up with.




Pool, Spas

Stowe Fiberglass Pool Installation

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Get a jump on summer with your own Vermont Fiberglass Pool. These Fiberglass Pools are the most rugged in the industry. So Rugged you can freeze them in the winter and turn them into a Ice Skating Rink. Our Manufacturer has been building these since 1958, using high end boat technology. There is a 25 Year warranty on these units....try to get that out of a gunite or vinyl lined pool manufacturer. These Fiberglass Pools are bullet proof. You can literally fire high caliper rounds at these Fiberglass Pools and they will not penetrate. We are booking Fiberglass Pool installations solidly. Don't miss out on getting on our schedule for your Fiberglass Pool Installation.

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