Water Features

Waitsfield Water Feature

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Despite what seems to be endless rain, our crews have still been able to make progress on our projects! This project includes the installation of a water feature and fountain with lights that will provide a tranquil space for relaxing as well as aerate the pond to help control algae growth and sustain the trout. In the construction we used on site boulders hand selected by the client. A mix of ornamental and native wetland plants were used.

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St. Johnsbury Hilltop Update

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our crew has finished work at this St. Johnsbury home! The landscape is complete with planting beds, a patio, a walkway, and oh, did we mention a giant waterfall?! These clients can now enjoy dinner on their patio while listening to the calming sounds of water falling down shelves of rocks into a retention pond.

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Nestled on a Hilltop in St. Johnsbury

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our crews are currently constructing a massive waterfall, patio and planting beds at this St. Johnsbury home. The waterfall cascades down into a small retention pond not far from the natural cleft bluestone patio. Planting beds surround both the patio and house which will allow for a pop of color against the grays of the stone.

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It's Warming Up! Already Swimming in Mid March

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Outdoor living spaces continue to be one of the most popular features that homeowners are requesting and seem to have the best return on their investment. Getting the most out of our somewhat short summer season here in the Northeast is very important to clients that are looking to add a pool or spa to their outdoor living space. Insulated spas and pools with automatic covers can greatly increase the ‘swimming season’ by making it much more energy efficient to heat during cooler times of the year. When these pools and spas are designed with the proper equipment they can be virtually maintenance free, require no chemical applications, and be controlled by any smart phone or tablet.

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Fiberglass Pools And Spas

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We know it's still cold out but now is the time to start thinking about a San Juan Fiberglass Pool or Spa.  Landshapes is currently booking pool and spa installations now! Our unique line of San Juan fiberglass pools and spas are far superior to anything in the industry. These pools and spas are one piece durable fiberglass units with a 25 year warranty. These are the most durable pools and spas on the market, so durable that you can freeze them solid and turn them into a skating rink in the winter. Visit the San Juan pool and spa link below to see some skating pictures.

landshapes can design you pool or spa to be almost maintnance free. Yes that's correct maintenance free! Landshapes can install a salt water chlorinator cell that creates it's own natural chlorine with basic table salt, an inline uv sanitizer to kill bacteria, as well as an intelchem controller with a CO2 kit....no more manually checking and adjusting PH with chemicals. The other major advantage of having one of these systems in your pool or spa is the health benefits.  No more coming in contact with chemical chlorine, bacteria killing chemicals, or PH up and down chemicals. The technology which has come forth in the pool and spa industry over the past 10 years is nothing like what you and your parents grew up with. 





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Hinesburg Vermont Water Feature

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vermont Water Feature

This Vermont Water Feature was designed by our Vermont Landscape Designer to fit in to this existing site. Our skilled Landscape Installers masterfully sculpted this Water Feature, incorporating existing ledge outcrops and vegetation. Two individual ponds connected by waterfalls and a collection pool comprise this Water Feature. This Vermont Water Feature is actually a Swim Pond complete with a high efficiency pump, sand filter, and UV filter ensuring a clean and inviting chemical-free swim. The lower pond is planted with Vermont Native Wetland Plants and will be home to aquatic wildlife. The upper pond will remain free of aquatic plants to maximize the swim area. This Landscape Design also includes an Irregular Bluestone Patio and Bluestone Steppers throughout the Water Feature. Landshapes has over 20 years experience building Water Features in Vermont, so give us a call today if you are interested. 

Stowe Fiberglass Pool Installation

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Get a jump on summer with your own Vermont Fiberglass Pool. These Fiberglass Pools are the most rugged in the industry. So Rugged you can freeze them in the winter and turn them into a Ice Skating Rink. Our Manufacturer has been building these since 1958, using high end boat technology. There is a 25 Year warranty on these units....try to get that out of a gunite or vinyl lined pool manufacturer. These Fiberglass Pools are bullet proof. You can literally fire high caliper rounds at these Fiberglass Pools and they will not penetrate. We are booking Fiberglass Pool installations solidly. Don't miss out on getting on our schedule for your Fiberglass Pool Installation.

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South Burlington Vermont -Stream Installation

Monday, August 5, 2013

This stream and pond-less waterfall was installed by our Vermont Landscaping company in South Burlington, VT last week. The clients told our Landscape Designer that they were looking for a meditation space in their landscape. A small irregular bluestone patio was created between two streams, which will provide the clients with a space to meditate while listening to the running water.  Plant material was carefully chosen to correspond with the Zen like feel of the space.  We are all looking forward to seeing this installation mature over time.

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