Pond Installations

Cornwall Swimming Pond

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This is a swimming pond we installed last year in Cornwall, VT. We are pleased to see the plantings are growing great and toys near the perimeter means it is getting its use! This pond was made easy to get into and shallow because the owners have two small children who they wanted to be able to safely play in and near the pond. Meanwhile the parents can sit on the small patio and soak their feet or wade into the deeper area to cool off.

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Swimming Ponds

Thursday, March 24, 2016

If you’re looking for a more natural look and feel for your outdoor living space, we can design and install a natural swimming pond, waterfall or other unique water feature on your property. Swimming ponds are great for older homes because their natural look doesn’t seem out of place like some pools can. Swimming ponds can also help add a natural feel to any modern home. They are also more environmentally friendly and chemical free. Just like a pool, swimming ponds use UV light, skimmers, sand filters and two bottom drains to stay clean - no need for chlorine! A bog can also be used to keep the water clean, because the plants naturally work as a filter.

Vermont Swimming Pond
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Pool With A View

Monday, January 18, 2016

Although this property had a 20' deep swimming pond it was 100 yards away form the house. Wanting to keep a closer eye on their children we installed this SAN JUAN fiberglass pool right at the house.  The pool and patio where situated with the view in mind. It looked over their existing pond out to MT Mansfield and the Sterling Range. We installed this pool with all the bells and whistles. All equipment was Pentair and included 400 BTU Heater, Intelchlor, Intelchem, UV Sanitizer, and an easy touch control system which lets you control the pool from any smart device. Adding this equipment makes this pool almost Maintenance Free.

Fiberglass Pool Vermont, Maintenance Free Pool
Fiberglass Pool Vermont, Maintenance Free Pool
Fiberglass Pool Installation VT, Maintenance Free Pool

TrophyTrout Pond

Monday, December 7, 2015

This Customer Contacted Landshapes when he started noticing his trophy brown trout start to die off.  The Pond is about 180' Long X 40' Wide X 14' Deep which is plenty large and deep enough to harbor large trout. The one thing we notice on our initial visit  is that the Pond did not have any moving water in it. Moving water in a pond is essential to keeping the water oxygenated for aquatic life. This not only includes the trophy trout but frogs, salamanders, and insects as well. We installed an AirPro aeration system with an AirPod diffuser. These are self contained systems that are the most efficient and quietest in the industry. Not only does the system oxygenate the pond it adds the element of bubbling and moving water which is appealing to the eye as well. 

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Koi Pond Rehab

Monday, March 9, 2015

Landshapes rehabs a 10 plus year old Koi Pond and Water Fall at Gardeners Supply. The pond had had problems for years with loosing water daily among others. We started by moving the Large Koi into temporary holding tanks with areators. The pond and waterfall were then drained of all water. The next step was to remove the liner and underlayment. At that point we started to examine the stacked stone structure for stability and realized that a good portion of the structure had to be taken apart and rebuilt making it more stable. After rebuilding the stone structure new under lament and liner where installed and the pond and waterfall were refilled with fresh water. When the ponds temperature came up to an appropriate temperature the Koi were introduced back into the pond

Koi Pond
Koi Ponds
Pond and Waterfall
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Waterbury Swimming Pond

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Landshapes transforms an existing swimming pond.  We terraced the steep slope to accommodate a small irregular bluestone patio facing views of the mountains. Our masons out did themselves again building beautiful stone retaining walls holding back a steep slope. The swimming pond was partially drained, dredged, and our crew recut the edges. Two aerators where installed to move and oxogenate the pond for better water quality.


Swimming Pond
Stone Walls
Stone Wall
Stone Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall
Bluestone Patio
Blue Stone Patio
Bluestone Walk
Bluestone Walk
Bluestone Walk

Charlotte Swimming Pond Installation - Patio Install and Planting

Monday, August 27, 2012

The stone masons finished up the bluestone patio with built-in fire pit that corresponds to the large swimming pond.  Our installation crew completed planting the substantial beds which surround the patio and pond. Lastly the lawn area that was disturbed was freshly top soiled and then hydro-seeded to conclude the installation.


Charlotte Swimming Pond Installation

Friday, August 10, 2012

The pond liner was set in place the day before and now the daunting task of ‘rocking in’ the pond has begun.  The liner material is sensitive to sunlight and will eventually breakdown over the years if it is exposed.  As a result, the guys have spent the past two days meticulously covering the entire pond liner with stone. Each small boulder is hand placed to ensure a perfect fit.  The amount of patients and effort by our crew is incredible and the result is always beautiful! The waterfall which adds to the natural feel of pond was created with large stone shelves and a bog for natural filtration is also being constructed.  All of our water features use natural filtration processes and no chemicals.  We create a simulated bog which the water is pumped into and cleaned naturally though various levels of sand, stone and wetland plants.

Charlotte Swimming Pond Installation

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The crew started this morning by spraying out the general shape of the large swimming pond they were going to be installing at a residence in Charlotte.  They were worried about hitting ledge as the excavation began, but were lucky enough not to have any issues.   Throughout the digging process grades and elevations were continuously checked. Once the initial excavation was completed more of the crew showed up to help.  They worked diligently to carve shelves out of the soil by hand.  These shelves allow us to create depth to the pond.  The crew then spread and placed the thick rubber pond liner.  It was an incredible transformation in just one day!


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